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Petroleum Equipment International Middle East are an exclusive distributor for Novametal Wire UK Ltd in MENA region (except for Republic of Egypt).

Novametal Wire UK Ltd,  part of Novametal SA, specialise in manufacturing Stainless Steel and Nickel alloy slickline wires and are the trade mark owners of  Supernova and Zeron families of wire grades.

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Grade UNS Alternative to:
Supernova750 UNS N08926 GD31Mo™,
Sanicro 26Mo,
UGI© Slick B26
Alloy 26-6Mo 

UNS S31254

Supernova400 UNS S32205 GD22™,
SAF 2205,
UGI® Slick D44
Alloy 2205

UNS S31600

Sandvik 59R0,
UGI© Slick B29,
Alloy 316.
ZERON100 Logo

UNS S32760

For convenience of our regional customers, we are planning to holding common wire grades, sizes and lengths in stock in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Logos and data sheets provided courtesy of Novametal Wire UK Ltd  www.novametal.co.uk

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