Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Our partnership with SparkCognition, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions, enables us to provide novel and advanced maintenance and machine learning capabilities.

Predictive Maintenance

Using historical sensor readings representing normal and abnormal operating states of a key asset such as a Pump, a Compressor, a Turbine, the solution builds a digital model of the asset.

After the digital twin is connected to live equipment, it constantly monitors its condition and becomes capable of spotting and alerting deviations from normal behavior at early stages way before the actual failure occurs.

Knowledge Management Through Natural Language Recognition

Advanced algorithm capable of reading and extracting knowledge from structured and un-structured documents such as operating manuals, service reports, failure investigations, emails and tables in 23 different languages then availing this knowledge though a simple interface that users can query in natural language.

Advanced Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence algorithms capable of detecting viruses and malware before their signatures are recognized thus offering essential protection to critical industrial assets and financial institutions.

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